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The basic idea is as simple as it is ingenious. How can I measure which advertising channel generates the most calls?

To answer this question, a separate number is used for each channel or advertising campaign to be measured (advertisement, flier, etc.), and a computer system is used for counting.

You can assign an individual number to each offline and online channels such as Google Adwords, newsletter, social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) or other offline display campaigns and measure the number of generated calls.

In short, CallTracking allows you to save money on not only advertising but also improve the efficiency of marketing activities.
Every marketing campaign's goal is to generate high quality, hot leads for your business. Companies invest tons of money in advertising, come up with new, creative ideas for their marketing activities — at the highest quality solutions you can imagine.

Sadly, they lack reliable tools to measure and prove the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Thus, there's a lack of reliable data.
Analytics Tools provide the number of ad views, likes on Facebook, mentions on Twitter, or CTR. But they still don't provide the answer to the most profound question:

How many conversations with potential clients has the company had as a result of a certain ad?
Phone conversation is a vital stage of a sales pipeline, and in many cases, a sales call plays the most crucial part in the buyer decision process. The number of phone conversations should be one of the main KPIs in each marketing campaign.
Now, with static CallTracking it's easier than ever.
Step 1
Purchase a virtual CallPage Number.
Step 2
Create a team of representatives responsible for answering sales calls from potential clients.
Step 3
Set up a CallTracking campaign in CallPage.
Step 4
Place the virtual CallPage Number you bought within your ad (offline or online).
Step 5
Measure and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with CallPage CallTracking.
CallTracking Campaigns
Effectiveness of your marketing campaign
Confirm the effectiveness of your marketing campaign from both offline and online sources by measuring the number of phone conversations (and not only ad views).
Ads with CallPage Numbers
Discover which ads with CallPage Numbers result in more sales calls and bring new customers.

Analyze which keywords result in the biggest number of phone conversations.
CallPage Numbers

Availability of consultants
Inform potential clients who call you after hours about the availability of your consultants.
One phone - many numbers.
Answer calls from all CallPage Numbers using just one mobile or landline phone.
Call Center
Build a professional end-to-end telephone system within your business and customize it according to your marketing campaigns' structure.
Call Queuing, IVR and Call Scheduling
Set IVR for each campaign so your potential clients can reach out to the right people or departments.
Make it possible for your potential clients to wait in queue until an available consultant can handle the call.
Order at a later time
Offer your clients an option to order a call and schedule it for later if they don't want to wait in the queue.
Order for the next day
Generate hot leads even after working hours by offering to order a call for the next day.

Create a team of consultants
Create a team of consultants responsible for answering sales calls from a certain campaign.
Working hours.
Set the working hours of the individual consultants.
List of generated calls
Control the number of calls that were not picked up by designated consultants within the CallTracking campaign (from a custom period).
CallBack all unanswered calls directly from the CallPage app.

Plan your team's working days and working hours and set your team composition, all according to the number of missed calls.
Add tags
Create Tags
Add tags and comments to each call so you can quickly filter recorded calls and read your notes after the call.
Sales calls recording
Relisten any recordings
Relisten to any call recordings and control how consultants conduct their conversations.
Find out which salespeople are effective.
Train consultants
Use the recordings for internal training and improve the efficiency of your sales reps.
Detailed reporting
Analyze campaign effectiveness.
The most effective campaign
Find out which ads campaign you receive the most calls from.
Time frames
Check the time frames and find out when you receive the most calls from a given campaign.
Ready integrations
Implement ready-to-use integrations to transfer your collected data to your favorite tools.
Upload extensive sets of information using the Rest&JS API.

Do you run marketing activities on a large or medium scale? Do you use many marketing channels?

Manage your campaigns comprehensively and measure their effectiveness using CallTracking.
Are you creating your very first campaigns? Do you not know which activities drive the best results?

Make the use of our analytics tools and choose the most effective campaigns using CallTracking!
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